Inspired by our apple tree: Red Apple Cinnamon Shampoo

Every one of our Africa Sleeps products was designed to evoke ideas about a special place and time. This October, the leaves have turned yellow and red, kids are merrily back to school, the salmon are running in the streams, and there is hot apple pie baking in the oven!

photo 3b

Sounds idyllic, but with an apple tree in our backyard, these are our family’s best and true impressions of fall. And this scene of our daughter picking apples from our backyard tree is exactly what inspired our Red Apple Cinnamon Silky Shampoo. It has an amazing fragrance of hot apple pie, right out of the oven, complete with cinnamon, lemon and vanilla essential oils for a hint of that baked spice smell.

photo 1

This shampoo is the richest, silkiest I have ever tried. It’s incredibly nourishing, and doesn’t dry out hair at all. One customer wrote me a rave review, I’d love to share with you:

“I have never shampooed the boys’ hair before… ‘ loved the richness of the shampoo. I actually combed it out with the shampoo in, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. We will probably occasionally shampoo now, as I didn’t feel like I was damaging/stripping his hair.”

Well, that just about sums it up! I hope you will try out our amazing silky shampoo. If Red Apple Cinnamon isn’t your thing, we also sell it in an unscented version!

photo 2

Red Apple Cinnamon Silky Shampoo ingredients: Purified water, certified organic blend of marigold, burdock root, nettle leaf,  rosemary, wild-harvested dandelion, wild-harvested horsetail, decyl polyglucose, coco glucoside, xanthum gum, oatmeal  protein, sucrose cocoate, vitamin B5, jojoba seed oil, citric acid, vitamin B7, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, hydroxymethylglycinate, red apple flavour oil, vanilla absolute, cinnamon essential oil, lemon essential oil.

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