Frugal Give-away! Smart Women Finish Rich

smart womenThis first give-away, I have the fantastic financial book Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach. You heard me rave about the Smart Couples Finish Rich book, and how it made such a difference in Jason and I’s life. We were able to set value-based priorities, and structure our financial life around what is really important to us.

Well, this is the version for single ladies. If you are a single mom, or have a daughter just going out on her own, this is the book for you!

This book has “straight-shooting, action oriented tips for getting a handle on your spending habits… presented in a straightforward, nonintimidating manner, perfect for the personal finance newbie.” ABC News

So how do you get a chance at this book? Simply leave a comment on one of my other blogposts during this week, and next weekend I’ll pick a winner (email them for their address) and ship off the book!

The winner was Joan! On St Vincent Island!

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