Fun at the Fall Fair

Every year we set aside a day to go to the IPE… The Interior Provincial Exposition. It’s a huge fall fair in Armstrong, and people drive from all over BC to pet the animals, scream on the rides and eat horse blankets.
We are no exception! This year, Daddy told the girls that they could have ride bracelets, and ride as many of the gut wrenching rides as they wanted. When seeing the price tag on those wristbands, Mommy promptly broke his promise and bought them fistfuls of tickets. “They will never ride more than eight times!” I exclaimed. Daddy and the girls set out to prove me wrong.
However, with the heat, the sun and the eating to be done, Mommy was right.. Again. He girls managed six rollercoasters and other fun things, in addition to watching the draft horse driving, visiting countless animal barns, cheering on the agility dogs, listening to Celtic music, and, of course, eating a horse blanket. Which, for the uninitiated, is a big flat donut sprinkled in powdered sugar.
Until next year, IPE! I have a feeling Daddy and the girls will win on wrist bands next time, though!

2 thoughts on “Fun at the Fall Fair

  1. Buy the wristbands at Safeway or Askews before the fair- they are $29 instead of the $45! We set aside one day for the rides and the kids go on many many rides during the day- mostly during the late morning and then the early evening when it’s a bit cooler and the lines aren’t as long. The middle part of the day is for the barns where it’s a bit cooler. 🙂

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