Starting grade 2!

Well, the kiddies are off to bed… With their new fresh braids tucked into sleep caps, their clothes for tomorrow laid out and snacks packed in the fridge. It’s grade 2 tomorrow for Sugar and Spice!
Where did the summer go? Heck, where did grade 1 go? I can’t believe they are getting so old and mature. Cheeky, as well it seems! But maybe that’s a grade 2 thing?

Grade 2 is going to be busy for me as well, I think. I actually should say we, as Jason really does get in there with the girls’ education as much as I do. We have appointments with teachers (learning challenges, but also the regular adoption / multicultural talk..) an appointment with the principle, a community project to shepherd (that’s just me…) follow ups with teachers every couple of weeks, and keeping up with reading and writing after school. Whewf. It takes time to be an engaged parent! But so so worth it.

The girls have really flourished this past year… But also had some challenges. I think grade 2 will be about getting supports in place for one daughter, and building an attachment-based relationship between the other daughter and her teacher, so she will dig her toes in as well. Slowly but surely we are learning to advocate for our kids and be those squeaky wheels. I guess we have a learning curve as well!

Well, I’d better get to bed and get off to a good start for the new semester! I start orientation tomorrow for my grow-up students. Sigh. The summer IS too short! I’ll miss the kids and all the time I got to spend with them… But I’m also looking forward to a more balanced life, with halftime work and, supposedly, some time to do all these school things! lol

Enjoy the pictures of the girls with their grade 2 hair… Shot today on the deck.


6 thoughts on “Starting grade 2!

  1. Beautiful pics! They are growing so fast. You are so blessed to have each other and your girls will conquer the world with your amazing support.

  2. They are beautiful! And I love and appreciate the time it takes to do their hair! Gabrielle had new braids for school too! Love checking our your girls hair!

    • Thanks!
      We kept it fairly simple.. Less than a feature film each to do their hair. But sometimes the medium length (time) styles turn out the best! 🙂

      And I don’t get as upset when Sugar trashes her hair… ! (Knots!)

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