Hair styles: two stranded twists


One of my favourite “quick” styles to do on my girls is two stranded twists. Of course, it’s only quick if you do big loopy twists with lists of hair! Smaller sections of hair take longer. But I love the soft looks of my daughter’s hair in this style.


2 thoughts on “Hair styles: two stranded twists

  1. I love your daughters hair and especially the thickness of her hair. I have been on my natural hair journey for 14 months, so I have a way to go before my twists look like hers. But I’m not discouraged because I love the healthiness of my hair since I have been natural. So I will journey on and on and on and on. I think you got the point.

    • That’s awesome!

      Would you believe our girls had their heads shaved bald when they were 2 1/2… Typical in institutional care in Ethiopia. But by five years old, their hair was as long as it is today. I just keep cutting it every come of months, and it’s always happy and healthy!

      Thanks for the compliments on her twists… I’ll pass it on!

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