Ain’t nobody here but us…


The little A-frame that my brother and I built in July is now home to our newest two pets: Keelee and Haley!

We decided at the beginning of summer vacation to get a couple of these little guys for our backyard. I looked up different designs on the web, and when uncle B was in town, we figured it out and built together.

I was pretty happy with the results!

Now under the tutelage of Auntie Ena, we are ready to start harvesting our own eggs. The little guys that we got were only 12 weeks old back in July, so by Halloween we should start having some eggs for breakfast and baking

Most of you know that we have the overflowing and plentiful garden. It’s not really to save money… Although it does that too. It’s more about teaching our children, who a couple of generations away from the farm, about where their food comes from. Well, one or several generations form the farm, depending on which side of the family! but I digress. We also want to be more self-sufficient and build our own skill set, so these little guys are a piece of that.

It’s amazing how many other people we have discovered since, who have little houses in their backyards as well! And there is a plethora of wisdom there to help us with our new pets… Online discussion groups, and of course, Auntie Ena is just a phone all away, lol.

So now the pet total is at 12: 2 dogs, two cats, two hamsters, four fish, and… Keelee and Haley!

4 thoughts on “Ain’t nobody here but us…

  1. So fun! We were going to get a couple ch*kens but my one friend scared me away with stories of how they attracted rats… I’d love to know if you encounter this or any tips on how to avoid that??? I love ch*kens , they are so cute and how fun for your girls to collect eggs each day!!!

    • I don’t know about attracting rats… But if they did, then our ratting dog would eat them all up. The only rodent problem we usually have around here is ice in the basement (under control since we stopped storing cereal down there! Lol)

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