Party Pics: Happy Birthday to my amazing 7 year olds!

That’s right, today our daughters turn the big -seven!- this past weekend we had a big party to celebrate. My auntie and mom came to hang out (and help) for the weekend, and we had lots of friends over for the big day.

As our friends, family and blog followers will know, each year we give the girls a choice: they can get a present from Mommy and Daddy, or have a big birthday party. Each year they’ve chosen the party! Our themes over the years have been:
3 – no theme! Just Gramma, Grandpa and Uncle B
4 – Bugs and butterflies
5 – Horse Riding
6 – Bollywood

imageAnd this year’s theme was “Tropical!” The girls were inspired by our trip to Costa Rica and wanted to share e experience with everyone.

I have to say this birthday was the most crazy… We actually had less people than last year, but all the adults were up in the deck, staying away from the waterworks below, (who can blame them?) so it was pretty crazy and crowded. But still fun!

The kids made suncatchers (turtles and but flies and dolphins,) under Ginny’s supervision, played in the pool and slip and slide, had a water flight, ate rice and beans, and hammered a turtle shaped piñata.

The food was a lot simpler than last year: Costa Rican food is not complex! So we made gallo pinto (rice and beans,) salsa, deep fried plantains, baked fish, grilled pineapple, watermellon coconut juice, pineapple and coconut cupcakes and white chocolate dipped coloured squares. The fish was made by the Little Chef herself! I think my aunt was surprised when I handed the kid $30 of fish and just said “have at er!” But of course, it was lovely. And a big shout out to my mom and auntie, who sliced and diced for a couple of hours the day of the party!

Thanks to everyone who came… We hope you had a good time. Thanks so much for the thoughtful presents!

I’m sure the girls are already planning their party for next year.

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