The Little Chef makes Super Steelhead Trout


My daughter “Sugar” loves to cook.. She’s wanted to be a chef since she was four years old. She slices, she dices! And now she has enough skill to be in charge of an expensive ingredient.

In the following video, Sugar shows you how to make her version of steelhead trout. This is her own recipe, with no ideas from me. Enjoy! And yes, it was delicious!

4 thoughts on “The Little Chef makes Super Steelhead Trout

  1. We LOVE steelhead trout around our house and eat it at least every couple of weeks…you can thank your little chef for the idea of a new way to prepare it!

    If she wants to try another ‘recipe,’ our favourite way of cooking the trout is pretty simple:
    – put the fish on foil (as she did…but we don’t wrap our trout in the foil…the foil is just for making less mess on the pan!)
    – brush olive or grape seed oil over the top surface of the fish (not thickly…just a light brushing)
    – sprinkle liberally with Costco’s No-Salt Organic Seasoning (or whatever other spices desired)
    – sprinkle with S&P as desired

    Bake at 350 for 20 minutes; then broil for 2-3 minutes. Done and DELISH! We all love it.

    Have fun cooking!!


      • No, it doesn’t taste good, Sugar…it tastes AWESOME!!!

        Keep up the good kitchen work…maybe someday you’ll have a famous restaurant and we’ll come and sample your food!


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