Wine Wednesay: Our group tasting picks



Two weeks ago, I had a few friends over for a wine tasting. What a lovely group of ladies, and a new winery (Covert Farms) entered into my radar field as well!

It’s been a while since I hosted one! And lots of my friends hadn’t been before. I’m always unsure how much people want me to lead or coach them through the tasting. Some pee just want to drink and eat (yummy, the food was so good! If I do say so myself…) while others want to learn or share what they know. After a few prods, I lead a pretty structured tasting and there was still great conversation before and after. I invited a bunch of my adoption friends, along wi a bunch of my green business owner friends, so I didn’t know what we would all connect on. I should have known… Put interesting people together and you’ll always have interesting conversation. The conversation was lively and I think the most popular topic was where to get the cheapest organic groceries! Lol

But I digress. This tasting’s theme was “Summer Sippers”, with the idea that relaxed summer wine doesn’t have to be plonk. Tis is how my tastings work. Everybody brings a bottle on the theme, and usually my husband bags them so I don’t see the bottles. This time, he wasn’t there, so I had the guests bag them themselves. We have sparkling wine (of course!) and talk for a while, then, we do through a blind tasting. Then the reveal, more tasting and munching. At the end of the night, we do a draw and whoever gets their name drawn first gets to first pick their half full/empty bottle to take home. Lots of fun!

I put in one of my favourite bottles of rosé… A Tavel. Some really liked it… others preferred the lighter fruiter rose from Wild Goose brought by my buddy T. Both T and I preffered the Tavel, though! lol. Sorry, I can’t remember the producer (I bought it in the US).

There was a Gewürztraminer from See Ya Later Ranch, both simple and uneventful. An organic white wine (yeah organic!) from Summerhill took the boring boring vote. I love what Summerhill is trying to do philosophy wise, but im always disappointed with their wines.

The crowd (all but 2) HATED an acidic racy tropical bottle… And then was horrified to find out they hated Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc (which is great with food, BTW, and shone later with the crab tarts I served.)

The hilarious thing was that most really liked the Apothic White brought by F. She says its her go-to hot tub wine. That wine tastes like pastry in a glass, lol. When F pressed me about me opinion (still at the blind stage,) I used the old French analogy about makeup. A little makeup on a beautiful woman makes her just a little bit more beautiful. But makeup on an ugly woman… Well, she’s still an ugly woman.

Ok, so not a feminist analogy.

But the point is, the Apothic White is a modern marvel of winemaking. I could taste all the stuff they had done to some pretty mediocre grapes, like malolactic fermentation and oak, to make it a crowd pleaser. But heck, that’s why they sell a ton of the stuff. I couldn’t drink a whole glass, though.


For me, the surprise of the night was that I really enjoyed both the reds… A syrah/zinfandel blend (super duper!) and a cabernet sauvignon, And both of them are from an Okanagan winery I have yet to visit: Covert Farms! I was planning on going there… But to buy organic field tomatoes! Now I’ll have to visit the winery as well, for their organic wines!

I’ve included my tasting scribbles for those of you that like that kind of thing 🙂

I hope this entry inspires you to have your own tasting. There’s still a month of summer!









Wine Wednesdays… Ok – I admit upfront that I love wine. I also have been expanding my own wine knowledge, completing my Advanced level of the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) course in 2013.

So what better way (other than in person, over a glass of wine) to share my love of with you, than to have a series dedicated to favourite wines? Cheers!

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