Face paints ‘n’ Cupcakes: Weekend with Uncle M and Ena

My sister is famous for at least two things: amazing face painting, and out-of-this-world cupcakes. For the first time in a long time, the girls and I had a chance to go visit Uncle M and Auntie Ena in Invermere, and the girls filled up on both cupcakes and face painting!

If you are from Calgary or anywhere else close to the lovely town of Invermere, you vase to go out on a Saturday and check out the farmers market. my sister will be there face painting, and for a (way too cheap!) reasonable price, will do some of the most beautiful face painting you have ever seen. Her business partners and she sold cupcakes at the Fairmont Farmers market last year, but this year, they are run off their feet with the face painting only.


Look how the eyes are open on her lids!

Needless to say, we spent the morning at the Farmers Market, and wandering around with Uncle M. The some chilly dips in the lake, lots of dancing computer games (my kids can shake it! But I still beat em!) good food and great conversation.


On Sunday Ena had another face painting gig, so I went to help her out while the girls got some one-on-one time with Uncle M. They built a dragon model, went to the park… And when Ena came home, the girls were delighted to get their faces painted AGAIN, make cupcakes with her. So yummy.




Oh, and Ena painted my face when I was napping… How glam is THIS shot?


Back to the cupcake making. Note the two girls with their headphone. How fast do they grow UP?

I’ve tasted so many shop’s cupcakes, but none as as amazingly delicious as my sister’s. that is no joke.

Ena taught us how to make pretty icing, so here is my “rose” attempt. Not bad!

If you are interested in some of my sister’s amazing artwork www.mosscampion.ca, face painting or cupcakes for a party (she does weddings!) just email her off her artist blog or leave me a comment and I’ll pass it onto her.

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