Introducing our new au pair: Ginger!


Two weeks ago a new friend joined our family for the summer: codename “Ginger!”

Ginger is a student in Montreal, but she lived for four years in Vienna, and was born and raised in Burkina Faso. In other words- she’s a worldly girl at the ripe old age of nineteen.

She is quiet and laid back, and is always observing, usually with a smile. The girls really like her, and mysteriously, so does Laughlin! Which is a real bonus. Laughlin doesn’t like everyone! In fact, he’s never really taken to anyone the way he did with Husky Girl.. He actually moped around for a couple of months after she left. But he certainly does like Ginger.

Ginger is an architecture student, so she loves art and beautiful things. We took her to the Japanese garden yesterday and I think she found her favourite Kelowna spot.

Camping is a new experience for her, and she’s getting her fair share of it this summer. She’s also had the strange experiences of a million pets in the house, I would venture to guess her least favourite thing so far was mowing the lawn.. Another first!

We’re so glad she’s joined us, and are happy to be sharing the summer with her.

BTW, Ginger is looking for babysitting opportunities around Kelowna, so if you need a babysitter, write a comment below, or contact me on Facebook 🙂

2 thoughts on “Introducing our new au pair: Ginger!

  1. Hello from Burkina faso,

    My name is Debo. I am Ginger little sister. I just want to say hello to Rowan family!

    PS: My specially congractulation to Spice and Sugar.

  2. Someone new in the family! What fun! Ginger sounds absolutely lovely, and I love that she’s getting to experience some brand new things. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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