Lazy summer days

Uncle B was in town on and off for the last two weeks, and we all enjoyed his company. The girls had fun bugging him constantly, and talking about Dragonvale and other forms of six year old excitement.

I asked B to help me out with a little project for our new pets, and it was really nice to muck about with my little brother, as well as having his expertise.




Most of our days have been doing some summer school (fun!), keeping up around the house, beating the heat, and traveling about. The slip and slide has been a great hit for keeping cool, and the girls have also spent countless hours in the garden, chasing bugs. Only one wasp sting so far!






The summer always seems to fly by.. It’s just such a delightfully bright, cheery and happy time. Even though I’m working at home, I get all this time with e girls, and I just love it. Hey are the happiest people I know, and their enthusiasm is contagious!


Even when it is a little exhausting at times 🙂 I wish the summer could go on for much much longer!!





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