Help a deserving Ethiopian get a Kidney Transplant!

Tezera used to work with our very good friend and neighbour Haile, and Haile is organizing a campaign to help Tezera be able to continue his life of helping others. I hope you will all consider contributing a little to help him. Thanks to Haile for his awesome job organizing this campaign!


Imagine, every three days, having to travel down bumpy roads in Ethiopia for several hours, to be hooked up to machines to have your blood filtered. Now imagine that you used to tirelessly serve the people of your country, but now are hard pressed to have the energy to enjoy your young children. Tezera Mengesha is a man in his mid forties in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and we want to help him get back to his life of helping others.

Tezera Mengesha was born in 1967 in the Town of Nefas Mewucha, in the District of Lai Gayint in South Gondar Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. He lives in the City of Bahir Dar with his wife and 12 year old daughter.

After he graduated from high school, Tezera served his country as a soldier until he became a water professional. His work and passion is to provide clean water to the needy in rural and remote areas of Ethiopia. Tezera used his motorbike as a means of transportation to access remote areas tirelessly, without being concerned about his health and safety. For his hard work and contribution to the rural communities, the government gave him several awards and even sent him abroad to gain knowledge and develop his expertise in rural water supply and sanitation. Based on his experience and dedication to help the rural communities, Tezera was promoted to a Deputy Manager Level at the local Agricultural Office.


Recently, Tezera became sick and was diagnosed with dual kidney failure. He receives dialysis treatment every three days at a cost of 2000 Ethiopian Birr (~$110 USD.) To put this sum in context, Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries: the average Ethiopian monthly salary is $370 USD. Tezera did not have savings, and like most Ethiopian,s relies on the monthly salary he receives from the government to support his family.

The Ethiopian Black Lion Hospital recommended that Tezera have a kidney transplant as a long term solution. The kidney transplant would be done at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India at a cost of $33,000 USD. Tezera’s  younger brother, Mulat Mengesha, is willing to donate one of his kidneys. So far, dialysis costs have been covered by stretched family members, relatives, and close friends. However, it is impossible for Tezera to raise $33,000 USD for his kidney transplant. Like all of his family members and friends, we are worried and concerned that Tezera would die soon unless he gets a kidney transplant as he cannot keep up with the dialysis cost every three days.

We are a group of friends in Ethiopia and Canada who decided to try to help Tezera by fundraising through Crowdrise. Our goal is to raise $40,000 USD to cover expenses for the kidney transplant and additional expenses like transportation and accommodation, including sending his brother to India for the kidney transplant.

With the help of God and your generosity we can save Mr. Tezera’s life. Please follow the link below for your donation (whatever amount) and send the link to friends who wish to contribute. The funds raised will be transferred directly to Tezera’s bank account in Ethiopia.

On behalf of Tezera’s friends and family, we thank you for your donation from the bottom of our hearts.

Haile (a friend from Canada)

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