Wine Wednesday: La Frenz Winery


The girls and I stopped for our annual visit to La Frenz Vineyards. La Frenz is my favorite winery on the Naramata bench.

Every time that I visit, I find wines of quality and at least one that I really want to take home. This time I was on a mission: to find a wine or two to go with butter chicken and Indian food for our “a night out for the Fairer Spouse.” (Formerly known as moms’ night at Harambee family camp.)

I missed my husband since I only got to try four wines. We usually order four each and taste each other’s.

First to try was Riesling, which was a nice peachy, honey, fresh, balanced off-dry wine. The winner for the Indian dinner, however, was the Muscat d’Alexandria. I am a big fan of Muscat and you don’t see it very often in North America. It’s exceedingly floral and shows off best in off-dry or sweet applications. Bingo! Hmmmm… musky orange blossom, lemon cakey wine. Just perfect for the intricate spice profile Indian food. Not everybody likes sweet wine, however, so I decided that I would have to find another dry and/or white option as well as a red for the dinner. It doesn’t matter that red doesn’t go with butter chicken; some people only drink red!

I also tried the Malbec, which was okay, and the high alcohol version Muscat d’Alexandria. This I found had way too much alcohol, which wasn’t very well integrated. Pity, because it would’ve been lovely wine without that excess alcohol.

Anyway another successful visit to La Frenz. The only downside was that the girls got a little bit of flack. They are really well behaved at wineries and mostly just running around looking for dogs outside. They were getting a drink at the water fountain and the lady called over “excuse me, please stop playing with the water fountain”. Actually they were just getting a drink. But besides that, it was a great place to visit on a June afternoon.

Wine Wednesdays… Ok – I admit upfront that I love wine. I always got lots of comments and questions (on the old blog, I mean,) about the wines that we serve with dinner parties, etc. I also I have been expanding my own wine knowledge, and recently completed my Advanced level of the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) courses.

So what better way (other than in person, over a glass of wine) to share my love of with you, than to have a series dedicated to favourite wines? Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: La Frenz Winery

  1. Your beautiful descriptions of the wines and their pairings always leave me feeling a little, um … parched. Think I’ll get out my corkscrew…

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