Jason’s Marrakech walkabout / Moroccan Arts

From two days ago: Today I faced down my two presentations at the conference. Both of them went really well… Despite all the language challenges. Honestly, I know my stuff forward and backwards but to do it in French and English with Spanish slide? Yikes! It was a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, I spent an interesting day at the conference, sharing ideas and meeting new friends. I am eased to realize that my higher education research is still at the forefront of the field.. I have to get this stuff published or something! It does inspire me to try to do more, maybe go after another grant or two…

Today while his translator and guide was out (that would be me,) Jason decided to get the lay of the old town. He discovered that all satellite dishes face south, and so he set out with a map and confidence on his side. Jason walked from the west to the south to the north of the medina today, and even found his way home. Now, there were a few mishaps along the way… He got swindled for lunch ($22 for street food!) and perhaps paid double for the gifts he bought for my mom. But the point is that he found his way through the medina maze… An impressive feat! And picked up inlaw gifts in the process.

Tonight we are celebrating the completion of my presentations. We groggily had stumbled down to the El Fna square last night to meet J, so tonight we will pick up our reservations at the Maison Arabe and having a romantic evening of it.

Yesterday, we also went to the Musée des Arts Moroccains and the Maison Photographique. the phtographs were awesome… and the stereo-vision glass plates were super cool. The odd highlight of the Musée des Arts was the architecture itself. Jason is pretty fascinated with the tiles here, since he’s turned into a tile master at home himself.

Tomorrow I’ll stop by the conference again and we’re going to the Saadian Tombs. And the dinner with the Princess is tomorrow night! So I’m excited.



Our first really delicious dinner at Café Arabe… Hmmm… Tangine! Not the best we’ve had, but it was the best breadsticks. I also discovered Moroccan wine! 20130614-202215.jpg





A traditional Moroccan pharmacy.20130614-202238.jpg

Our street at night…
And during the day!20130614-202828.jpg


A lovely breakfast with two lovely guys..20130614-202302.jpg














The main square El Fna at night…20130614-202858.jpg



3 thoughts on “Jason’s Marrakech walkabout / Moroccan Arts

  1. Your photos are so lovely. We have been contemplating a return to Turkey (well, had been), but these images make me think Morocco may be a better option, and it does look so similar. I look forward to seeing more (and hearing about it, at Harambee).

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