Spice in the swing: 6 year old golf


Spice has taken on new hobby: golf!

She likes to dabble in different things. When figure skating and did a month ago, she actually wanted to continue on… But there were no lessons until the fall, except the week that we are at Harambee family camp.

So we looked around and found out that there were golf lessons available.

Spice came home from her first golf lesson bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm. “I played golf!”

“What did you do? Did you practice your stance?”

“No! I just play golf!”

Apparently six-year-old just get right into it and start hitting balls. Daddy told me that she was so excited she couldn’t stand still while she was swinging around with the club. So the instructor put two pieces of tape on the ground so she could blew her feet in the right spot.

She came home sweaty, dusty and absolutely stoked about golf. Daddy also came home wishing he had brought his clubs to the driving range. Maybe he’ll get a partner out of this… :-).

Then again, she is a dabbler. If golf doesn’t stick, there is always… Archery?

4 thoughts on “Spice in the swing: 6 year old golf

  1. And if she really likes it, you can always golf in Ethiopia 🙂 There is a great little golf course (probably nowhere near the Canadian standards), here in the city.

    • Cool! I didn’t know that. I bet Spice and her daddy wil love that. We’re coming back probably next year, so well have to make a day of it!

  2. Great! she is so talented 🙂

    is she gonna go back to figure skating next fall ? can’t wait to see videos 🙂

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