Dressing for a formal dinner in a Muslim country

A friend emailed me last night, and mentioned what I was going to wear to dinner with the Princess in Morocco. I actually have given this WAY too much thought! And this dress is the result.

First off, Morocco is a liberal Muslim country. When I was there sixteen (gasp) years ago, I made sure I was always wearing a long sleeved shirt and long cotton pants. I was backpacking, so those poor items got reused and reused every day! Lol It actually totally paid off for me, though. Compared to the floozy from Montreal in Daisy dukes and a tank top traveling with our little group, I consistently got a better price on everything, and none of the glares. Besides, I just think you have to be respectful wherever you go. I have a subset of my summer wardrobe that I take to Ethiopia that covers my upper arms and goes past my knees. When in Rome…

That said, Morocco is quite liberal.. And it’s very hot in the summer! So how was I going to navigate a formal evening in deep brown satin? (My only formal gown!) Plus, it is sleeveless with spaghetti straps.

So I called the Moroccan embassy, not ally sure if anyone would talk to me or not. Much to my please surprise, a totally nice guy named Amin called me back the next day. He advised me on how to address her Highness, what a dinner of three hundred people would be like, and even coached me on what to wear. He said a strapless gown would be fine, by the way, if there were other foreigners there.

With his thoughtful advice in mind, I went shopping for hours online until I found this jersey number. The idea was that it can travel without wrinkling, I can dress it up with jewelry and gold shoes (although I haven’t bought those yet.) You can tell from the scribbles on the pictures I was just trying out shapes. It covers my arms and cleavage but is still long and has a refined silhouette. Perfect! I just wasn’t sure if it was going to make me look dumpy or not.

When it arrived today, my husband said I looked awesome in it, so I thought I would show you. At da! That’s what I am wearing for dinner with the Princess!

6 thoughts on “Dressing for a formal dinner in a Muslim country

  1. Hi Arnica. I hope everyone is good. You look very nice in your dress. I actually like it very much. Have a safe trip. Give everyone a big hug for me.

  2. That looks great on you!! Where did u find it? Your post made me chuckle as I recalled how much time and energy I invested in a court outfit..lol! Have a great time! Tracey

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