Gardening in Pyjamas: veggies and baseball

Every family has their weird habits. I didn’t know my girls had picked this one up from me until today… Gardening in pyjamas.

That’s right, too often in the morning the crows sitting on the wire above our backyard are privy to me weeding and planting in my pjs. I find gardening so relaxing, and it’s a great way to start the day.

This evening after a nice ratatouille dinner on the deck, the girls helped me plant the tomatoes (that I grew from the seeds I saved from last year – booyah!) and weeded a bunch as well. After a while, they moved onto other things. They started hauling out the balls and bats from the wardrobe on the deck, and soon an entirely different game from baseball was being played in the backyard.

You can see some of the other veggies I am actually harvesting right now. Leeks and parsnips we ate all winter… Hose are the last of them. They are huge! So I left them out on the lawn to get rained on (er, cleaned,) tonight. Tomorrow, into the soup pot or a frittata. Who doesn’t love leek frittata?










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