Genetic Testing:

This weekend we completed the spit test for Sugar and Spice’s genetic testing. We heard about through adoption circles, and when I checked it out, I immediately ordered two kits.

Now, we know who our daughters’ family is… As I’ve stated before, we have an open adoption with their family. However, that doesn’t mean we can answer any of the questions about predispositions for disease or any of the other “I don’t know”s at the doctor. It’s also kind of neat to think that they may have extended family, either through the adoption community or the diaspora, in North America. So for us, it was totally worth a shot.

Another bonus in it is that, for $200, we will find out if our girls are identical or fraternal twins. One egg or two? That’s a big deal for them, so it will be nice to know.

The girls spit and spit into the tubes. For some reason, Spice just couldn’t cough it up, so we were there for ten minutes! But whatever. It’s done. And I registered the kits online, and off they go in the mail. Most people are reporting that results are taking six weeks or so at this time.

One tip: when you register your child’s sample, you need to register the account under your own name, with an adult birthdate. It said “sorry, we cannot register you at this time,” until I picked up the tip from a Facebook group I belong to. Yeah community knowledge!

Of course, any exploration like this, you have to think abut the consequences. Someone has the girls’ DNA, they might have wacky relatives, the results might be wrong, or we might find out they are predisposed to something we dread. But those negatives offset the positive for us.

So for the adoptive parents reading this blog, what has been your experience with this site, or genetic mapping or testing? How did your kids take the results? Any other positive or negative experiences?

4 thoughts on “Genetic Testing:

  1. My son’s pediatrician told us about this, and suggested that both he and I get tested…. as soon as I can come up with the $$$, I will be ordering the kit, too!

  2. I think it’s great that you got two kits, one for each girl. I have been reading some people are only getting one kit if they have twins. Which I found odd as sibling only share 50% of the same genes and so most times the same genes don’t show up. That is why when searching for relatives it will show one sibling has cousins and the other none.


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