Food and Friends on Palm Sunday

It seems like I have a ton of pictures of food from this trip… Maybe because I’m enjoying it so much!

I usually don’t drink coffee, but when in Rome… Well, I certainly am having a couple of cups of buna each day. Most places, coffee is excellent. We even had a couple of meetings at Kaldi’s, which is Ethiopia’s answer to Starbucks. There, the service was probably the worst, though.

At our new guest house, which I totally recommend, by the way, we have some great choices for breakfast. And great service. I’ve been enjoying a pain au chocolat each morning, along with a yogurt from the supermarket on the corner. Then we’ve been eating mostly at restaurants two times a day, despite the kitchen at our disposal in the guest house. (This is DS Guest House, just off Haile Gebraselassie Avenue near the Axum Hotel.)

We were so excited about this trip, because we would be here before Easter and get to eat lots of fasting food (read: vegetables.) But it seems like there isn’t a practicing Orthodox in sight at most restaurants, because we’ve still had a hard time getting our veggies. The exception was today… We visited our friend M’s family down in Doukem. I’m sure M put in a good word for me, because I saw all our favourite foods, lovingly prepared by her sister. I shed a happy tear at the sight of gomen, spinach, I tell you! We had a wonderful time visiting them… It’s like visiting family. Which they are, of sorts. 🙂 After a stressful day working on Vulnerable Children stuff, it was so nice just to take an hour and relax with people we know.

I also have been introduced to a new delicious Ethiopia food.. It’s this bread with butter and spices on it. I haven’t had a chance to find out exactly how to make it yet, but it was pretty delicious. It’s also a breakfast food, which is different.

The other cool thing today was that it was Palm Sunday. It was really neat comparing the way the Orthodox celebrate the holiday compared to the Catholic approach I was brought up in. Enjoy the pictures!




















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