Success for VCS in Adama/Wonji

We had a really successful day in Adama today. READ MORE…

Aside from Vulnerable Children stuff, I’ve also been busy arranging family visits, organizing drivers and meetings, and sending off a research proposal to Canada. Seriously, there are long days here! You know when you are typing on an ipad along a bumpy red dusty highway that you have work to do! Lol

We had some great down time today though too. We ate twice in Debre Zeit, back and forth from Adama, and we also stopped in at Babogaya resort. Why? The art gallery of course! Nicole and Tawnya got lovely paintings… And we even got Nicole’s all rolled up to go on the plane with her tonight.

To send Nicole off in proper style, the three of us younger ladies went to Elsa bar for tibs and tej tonight. Pretty basic surroundings, but Nicole really enjoyed it and it was nice to sip even slightly horrible tej at the end of a very long day. I was so glad I got to know her this trip… Maxing that we’ve been working together for a couple of years on Vulnerable Children, but this is the first time we met. What is it that you say in PEI? A kindred spirit!

Tomorrow is more meetings… For Vulnerable Children and for my research project. I will be thankful when I get some time just to wander around and shop! Maybe the day we leave? Lol

















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