Hello from Addis

It was our first day in Ethiopia, and we hit the ground running at eight am.

I was so relieved to get to the Addis Ababa airport. The flight from ?ancouver to Toronto was fine, but the Toronto Addis leg of the trip, at thirteen hours, seemed interminable! When we exited the glass doors of the building and started steering our teetering luggage down the curvy sidewalk, I inhaled the thick smog and felt immediately refreshed. I was back! The whirl of the parking lot, the bustle in the streets, the horn fuelled confrontations between drivers. It was all so exotic and familiar.

Maryam, mom and I arrived at our little guest house in the middle of nowhere. Nicole and Tawnya were there in the lobby to greet us. Awesome to meet Nicole in person for the first time. She’s been a part of Vulnerable Children’s board for a couple of years, but this was e first time we got to say hello in person.

It turns out the the super inexpensive, very friendly guest house I had booked for us all was a bit of a dud. You can’t beat $15 a night for a clean spacious room, but even taxis find this place, well, hard to find. It’s fine for the next couple of days while we are gone on day trips, but after that, well have to switch to somewhere more central, with Internet service! Lol the Internet cafe “just down the block” is way to far of a hike to be convenient, and there aren’t any restaurants around. The dog that apparently barks all night has not yet raised his voice, so hopefully we won’t have to worry about that!

After a quick shower, we were off again. To meetings, to the mercado to find a camera battery charger (which I never did fine! Durn it!! So I have only one battery life for 2 weeks…) to the bank to change money, and finally to a long supper meeting with our Vulnerable Children rep and Canadian Humanitarian’s rep too.

I’m feeling very positive, ready for sleep, and content. I know I have to get a SIM card and make a million phone calls tomorrow, but we are off to Ambo and Guder to speak with government officials about our programs and to start moving them officially forward. Exciting stuff!

Good night from Addis…

Mom, Maryam and I in the airport.
Excellent Ethiopian Airlines service! I have to say the socks were an awesome touch.

Bisrat form Canadian Humanitarian chats with Tawnya, Mom and Nicole from Vulnerable Children! Planning for the next day to Ambo.

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