Guder, and meetings interrupted by monkeys!

Well our first two days in Ethiopia have been jam packed. Today we went out to Guder, where the largest number of our House 2 House kids are. I’ll write more about our meetings tomorrow, but in summary, they were very successful.

It’s a 2-3 hour drive out to Guder, depending on the traffic. I really enjoy the trip, since the countryside is so fascinating, and different from the urban life of Addis. We also had refreshing rain, which slowed down the traffic, but also brought the temperature down and made for some pretty interested drippy pictures.

Speaking of Addis though, we tried a new guest house this trip. Although friendly and clean and priced right, it is way too out-of-the-way. We also have Maryam, our eldest trip member, running up and down stairs every day, so all of us need a bit of a change. So we are moving form the Norr to another small guest house on Haile Salasse Gabriel Street on Saturday.

After we checked out the new guest house tonight, we stayed in the neighbourhood for some pizza… And a nice bottle of Sangiovese IGP wine. Yummy! Funny enough (I have not been picking the restaurants) we have only had Ethiopia once so far. Last night, Bisrat and Birhan (Canadian Humanitarian and Vulnerable Children’s respective guys) picked Mexican. Lol. So we are off to an international start.

Tomorrow we head down to Adama. It should be interesting, because we have appointments to speak with the Wonchi government there, and also plan on paying our respects at Faya Orphanage, which we are no longer a partner with, but still want to show our appreciation for.

Otherwise, I have been fruitlessly shopping for a battery charger for my camera. (2 weeks and one battery? Yikes!) I also bought a mini 3G SIM card for my ipad and a SIM Card for my borrowed phone (thanks Mark!) at the Hilton so that I can do all this business and arranging while I’m here. Id never stay there, but they do have agreat little technology shop and fast money exchange there. Sad to say, but I’m a bit useless without these tools. When I got my technology back today, I felt so empowered! 🙂

This weekend I have meetings for a research project I am working on, an appointment to see my friend M’s family, and then many more visits and meetings next week. This working vacation stuff is hard work! It must be fun, though, because Nicole was really upset tonight that she has to leave tomorrow.

Enough a few of the gems I’ve caught on my camera and the ipad.

























5 thoughts on “Guder, and meetings interrupted by monkeys!

  1. We found camera and laptop parts at the computer store in the mall with Sole Rebel shoes (Bisrat knows where it is – please tell him we say hello)!

  2. Hi Arnica. i am trying to get contact details of Faya orphanage. They only have Canadian emails on the website. I am living in Ethiopia and am interested to visit there etc.. I am looking at adopting and volunteering possibly. I have emailed megan but no reply and she is in Canada. Also, could you tell me the name of the two guest houses you stayed at, the whereabouts and reccommendations. I am needing some interim accommodation. kind regards in advance Karen

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