Getting ready for Ethiopia


Well it’s only a couple of days until I leave for Ethiopia. Before I left, I wanted to invite you all along (virtually!) for the ride.

One of our directors, Nicole, actually leaves today. So I have been busy with organizing donations, packing, and mainly expediting for five people traveling on different schedules for couple of weeks. Whewf!

Jason was looking at my plans and said, “Man, that looks complicated.” He is right.

We will be visiting all of our small town sites for Vulnerable Children, as well as meeting with new and existing partners. Hopefully, we will get to visit with most of the families as well as the government officials and our new partner, Canadian Humanitarian.

On the side, we are also going to visit a few orphanages and spend a couple of days going out to see our Ethiopian family in the rural countryside of Nakemt.

So two weeks really will fly by! The trick is organizing all the staff, drivers, guides, meetings… But you know, I enjoy all of it. And we are so blessed to work with some pretty amazing people here and in Ethiopia.

A couple of people ask me if it won’t be too much work after my sick leave to go to Ethiopia… But what they don’t realize, is that in Ethiopia I have a cook! A driver! Somebody to make my bed! Really, it’s a busy but completely relaxing working vacation.

I just had to promise my rheumatologist not to get TB. Or malaria, or parasites. I will do my best! Lol

I probably won’t blog before we leave on Monday, but I would like to invite you all to follow along.I promise to post some beautiful pictures, interesting stories, and even some insights into this complex and fascinating country.

We will be posting everything pertaining to on Vulnerable Children Society’s work on that website. If you have not “liked” Vulnerable Children Society get on Facebook, now is the time!

But I will also be blogging about our personal trips and some of the other stops on this blog. So you might want to check out both!

Reminder that Vulnerable Children’s website is

Bon voyage to us! Hope to share pictures from the other side of the world with you soon.


10 thoughts on “Getting ready for Ethiopia

  1. Have a great trip to Ethiopia!! And…I’m very curious….since it’s April…..I wonder when you expect to find out if you’ve been matched with a son?

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