Flashback to Frogger

The girls were asking us tonight which computer games we played as kids. Well, Jason and I started reminiscing, and showed them some of our childhood favourites! Frogger, Choplifter, and Oregon Trail!


First of all, I remember my parents bought an Apple 2C. To my recollection, we had to drive all the way to Vancouver (from Fort St. John in Northern BC) to get the terribly expensive computer. We had the truck and camper, and when Dad put the box up on their bed above the cab, he warned us off: “This is VERY expensive! Do not touch!”

It must have cost them a fortune. In my memory, it cost $6000 (Mom? dad?) which the amount of a small new car back then. And as a one income household on a government salary, they must REALLY have wanted it.

So my favourite games that I remembered playing were Choplifter, Frogger… And when I got older, Oregon Trail. Too funny that Jason had the same favourites on his Commodore. He also had these shoot-me-up games that we absolutely were not allowed to play. But seriously, what could beat Oregon Trail!?

What your your favourite video games as a kid?

Enjoy the flashback. Warning: One instance of bad language in the Oregon Trial video.

PS… Unintended consequence of early computer exposure: I was the first generation to have their spelling decimated by spellcheck! Lol

6 thoughts on “Flashback to Frogger

  1. I’m not sure if we went to Grand Prairie or Vancouver; I know it was not available in FSJ at that time and it was terribly expensive. I have a feeling it was about $3000 but I could be mistaken. Since both your father and I had taken Fortran courses at university (cutting edge then; on a mainframe computer) it was important to us that you and your siblings be comfortable with what we saw as a revolutionary and life-changing product.

    I also remember the floppy disks and strict instructions NOT to stick anything but a game disk in the slot. The ruler that somehow found its way into the disk reader (No, it wasn’t you!) necessitated extensive down time in order to repair (replace?) it.

    It is fascinating to consider how the advent of the personal computer has changed our lives.

  2. We had jumpman as well, I loved it. And some sort of hamburger building game where you had to run over the bun, burger, lettuce etc. to make your burger before you got eaten by something… So fun!

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