The Zen of Gardening

Spring has sprung, and there is a backlog of years work to do. All the better for me, thou… There is nothing that is so cathartic as gardening.

Maybe it’s because I’m a desk jockey by trade, but I love working with my hands. You see the results of your labours, and there is so much pride in a garden, and growing your own food. Plus, you get to share the result of your toils with others… To sit outside, to eat a home grown supper. Pretty heady stuff.

I’ve been trying, as part of my restorative process, to get our into the garden each day. Which means I only get out there once every day or two! But those days that I do… The whole day is better. I feel so much more calm, relaxed, and well. Amazing, the power of nature. It is a heady drug.

Some pictures of my garden this week:

My cage to protect the lavender bushes against marauding dogs. Quite proud of how cute it looks! Now let’s see if it works!


The collard greens in the garden are going nuts. I’ve trimmed them right back and we’ve had them twice for supper already. Anyone know if I should just keep them as a perennial?
Lilly of the valleys growing like crazy “on my garden walk.” Remember that old song? They are so lovely smelling, but only last a short time. They’ll be past by the time I get back form Ethiopia, so I’m hoping for some sun to make them bloom soon.

20130411-200308.jpgThe only tulips out yet.

lots of cleaning up to do with all these perennials, even if there isn’t much planting or weeding.

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