So sick of sickness

For the last two days, all I have done is go to the doctor and the veterinary hospital. Seriously. Aside from feeding the kids and bathing them, that is the sum of my accomplishments.

Poor Maggie is top of mind… She’s seriously ill and now spending the night in the hospital. She’s been not eating, throwing up, shivering, and her blood counts are all wacky. The poor thing has been so nauseous and in pain, she’s barely sleeping too. I’ve been back and forth to the vet hospital four times in the last two days, and of course, Jason is away. Murphy’s Law.

Then Spice. She actually has been feeling a bit better the last week. We starting to see her sunshiney personality creep out of the clouds. but before that, we had an intense month of insane irritability, knees pains, her knees giving out on her, headaches, and loss of appetite. She actually lost a kg in a month, which is a lot for a little girl. The paediatrician was treating her for Lyme disease and any random viruses (her two ideas of what might be going on) but was still unsure of the cause of her malaise. The naturopath doctor today, though, is very sure she has Lyme. So back onto antibiotics for a month at least… This time will be a different kind though, so hopefully it won’t affect her appetite. All the rest of the symptoms are Lyme disease, however.

And then there’s me. Some days I’m feeling better, and more patient with the girls. But I’m also constantly exhausted, easy to irritate, have mild sinus infection, and crunchy knees from this dratted rainy weather. Boo!

All of that is just pretty overwhelming. I’m so sick of doctor visits, uncertainty, “trying things out” and most of all, my dear family being in pain and discomfort. We’re spending a fortune in vitamins and paramedical visits. Thank goodness our drugs are covered, in any rate.

I’m 1 1/2 weeks into single parenting, and have 1/2 week to go before Jason gets home. Then after I come back from Ethiopia, he’s gone for another month. Time is flying by… But I feel like I’m not getting better, not getting much done, and the fall is around the corner. Sigh.

Sorry for the pity post… It’s just when you have health issues in your family, it occupies that top spot in your mind all day long.

5 thoughts on “So sick of sickness

  1. Arnica, I’m so very sorry you, Simone and Maggie are still unwell. I don’t know how you do it all by yourself. I wish we were closer to take girls for a day and give you a break.
    Lots of prayers for you guys!
    Michelle, David, Eskedar and Bereket

    • Thanks guys… Oddly, I wrote this post 2 days ago and it just appeared now. Obviously defeated by technology in my moment of weakness.

      Sme good news to report… Maggie dear is back from the hospital, and she is on the mend. Back from death’s doorstep, thank goodness. She had pancreatitis. Not sure what it cost me yet! But I’m so glad it wasn’t the horrible blood thing from last time. Fluids, antibiotics , a hospital stay.. And she is on the mend. Whewf.

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