Off to Ethiopia Soon: Donations Needed

Only two and a half weeks until I’m off to Ethiopia! I am starting to get really excited!

For those of you new to this blog, I’m the volunteer president of Vulnerable Children Society, a charity that helps children and families affected by HIV and extreme poverty in Ethiopia. (Pictures of our trip last year.)

We’ve had a ton of change over the last few months at Vulnerable Children, including securing a new partner to deliver our programming. So this trip, we have a super busy schedule ahead of us.

We are creating a new educational centre in Guder, meeting with new and potential organizational partners, and checking up on all the families we can in our House 2 House program in Ambo, Guder, Adama and Wonji. We will also be doing some serious consultation with the House 2 House families, to determine which service and supports we will be offering to them in the coming years. And of course, we will be shopping for all sorts of goodies to sell as a fundraiser when we get home.

I keep saying “we” but haven’t mentioned who is going with me. We have quite a troupe this time… My mom is coming again, which is awesome. It’s her third time in Ethiopia! And she’s the lovely volunteer who does all the kids updates, so it’s great that she is traveling (on her own dime) to see all the kids in person. My super good friend and our charity’s treasurer Tawnya will be coming again, and another Vulnerable Children director Nicole from PEI will be there as well. We also have a friend of the family who is scheduling her trip alongside ours, as she wants to “learn alongside us” about running a charity, etc. So we are a group of five ladies.

We run a taxing schedule for VCS, but heck, there are no meals to cook or kids to watch or errands to run… So I still find it actually very relaxing! I mean, I have drivers, cooks, housekeepers, …

Besides the work, my mom and Tawnya and I will be going out to visit our girls’ family in Nakemt. It will be so nice to see them again. And Mom told me she really wanted to do something touristy this time, so one day we are going out to Wenji Crater Lake for horseback riding and a boat ride out to a monastery island, which should be fun.

So be sure to follow along at the end of April for two weeks… There will be lots of great pictures and stories. 🙂 We’ll be gone April 22- May 6th..

If you would like to help us out with our Vulnerable Children work, there are two ways you can do that. First, of course, you can donate on the website.


We also are looking for donations of teeny toys and school supplies. The toys are for all the children in our House 2 House program that we meet along the way. And the school supplies are one more way that we can help the families out with educational costs. (Details here.) So if you have donations to share and near Kelowna or Creston BC, or, on PEI, leave a comment here and we’ll be sure to connect with you! Thanks in advance!

Enjoy a handful of pictures from our last trip… It’s to wet your whistle for the next one!


















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