Four wishes trip

This past weekend we decided to take a totally spontaneous road trip. The agenda: each person in the family could pick one place to stop.


First we stopped at Okanagan Grocery for some Ukrainian Easter bread. Yummy! We also bought some locally made hummous and some fresh focaccia, along with some fruit for a picnic.

First wish: Jason first wanted to go to the store for some pop mix for our Sodastream machine. Then we asked the girls “north or south?”

They said south, so off we went across the bridge to West Kelowna. Spice was next… She saw the Salvation Army and asked to stop to go shopping. So we shopped… And then continued south.

Next was the dogs’ pick! We stopped at Okanagan Lake provincial park and had a delicious picnic while the dogs ran free to their hearts’ content. The park is still closed, so we had the place to ourselves.






On southward, past Penticton along the scenic slow side of Lake Skaha… We stopped at Blasted Church Winery, which was my pick, for a tasting. I told the girls that we hadn’t been the since Daddy and I were dating.

“You DATED?” they exclaimed incredulously.




We came out near OK Falls, and Sugar opted for her stop at Tickleberry’s for some ice cream. Yummy again!




And that was our day. We came home and watched Charley and the Chocolate Factory and ate popcorn for supper.a super family day!

7 thoughts on “Four wishes trip

  1. What a great day and a great idea that I will definitely be copying. I love that you had no plan and just went with the flow of it all.

  2. You dated? Who would have guessed? My daughter is convinced that you don’t kiss until your wedding day. I’m gonna let that one ride for a while. And that is the craziest ice cream cone I’ve ever seen!

  3. Ahh, you were in my neck of the woods (we literally like walking distance up the hill from Tickleberries 🙂 What a great idea to have a four wishes trip!

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