Favourite Things: Integrative Pharmacy


I don’t usually put in a plug for a new business, but I just had to tell you about my new pharmacy!

This new pharmacy opened up in our neighborhood… It is on West Avenue in South Pandosy, Kelowna. What caught my eye where all the herbal and alternative remedies in the windows. When I went in, it reminded me so much of a German pharmacy. If you aren’t familiar, pharmacies in Germany are about two thirds “alternative” remedies, and one third prescription drugs. Well, Esther the pharmacist is a regular pharmacist, but she also has carefully selected, high-quality supplements, vitamins and other alternative treatments. But that’s not the cool part.

The cool part is that she has decided to walk in both worlds… Alternative medicine and traditional medicine… And bring them together. I booked an appointment with her for a consult [free!] She sat down and walked through all the medications that I take, which are many, and talked about complementary therapies to deal with side effects from the drugs. She also did a lot of research after our first appointment to find exactly the right balance of EPA – DHA omega three fish oils, and the amounts i should or should not take of other minerals and vitamins. Then I came back and she walked me through not only what I was taking and what I should be doing to protect my liver etc. but also recommended some supplements to deal with various symptoms.

A few days ago I started taking the hops and rosemary she recommended, for example, and my face has not felt this good in a couple of weeks. She also compiles all the prescriptions, vitamins etc. that I am taking and makes sure that all my specialists and family doctor know exactly what the big picture is.

So I am very impressed… And highly highly recommend this pharmacy! Esther is just starting out with her new business, but I can guarantee she will give you an amazing medical support and service.

Prescription Health Studio

West Avenue, South Pandosy, Kelowna

2 thoughts on “Favourite Things: Integrative Pharmacy

  1. Wow, that sounds amazing. I wish we had something like this here! I hope her business does really well. We need more of this kind of health care!

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