Rest and relaxation up north


Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip up to Prince George to visit my best friend, S. We haven’t seen each other since last year, and I really needed to get away. I’ve been really under the weather, and taking care of the kids for two weeks during spring break. So some quiet time was in order.

We had a very simple weekend… S had to work on Saturday, but we went shopping and sat around and talked. I slept 12 hours one night! Which is indicative of the entire weekend.We also went out to eat a couple of times including to a tapis bar that was very good.

Her little twins Mac and Cheese actually spent the night at their grandparents house. So it was even quiet without twin three-year-olds around.

It is very sweet to see Mac & Cheese at this age. It reminds me of course, of when we picked up the girls. They were just at the same age. Just shy of three years old and talking up a storm. Of course her girls are much more physically active than ours were at exactly this age. Well, maybe that’s not exactly correct. Her girls’ gross motor coordination is much more advanced than my girls’ was at that stage in their lives. But my girls have always been a lot busier than hers are!

We also went out to esses parents house for supper one night. It was lovely to see them. When we were going up, S probably ate half of her meals at our post and I ate other half at L and L’s. In fact, it was her mother who got me first interested in wine and got me to start keeping a wine journal. That seems like eons ago, because it was!

I also got to spend quite a bit of time talking to T, my best friend’s husband. Heck, we have known each other 20 years and I still enjoy talking to him. He was painting the kitchen for the weekend and I even helped out a little bit. More of a token then a real effort! But I enjoyed it nonetheless the same.

I returned home rested and relaxed. The girls are also going back to school this week, so I should finally start getting some of that rejuvenating rest that I’m supposed be getting. Enjoy the pictures from my time up north!











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