Chopstick Hair Chop


I had a friend over for tea this week… A young Ethiopian lady who wants to start a hair braiding business. She was enthused when Sugar offered for her to do her hair next week.. Until I showed her pictures of Spice with free hair.

“She has that much hair?” she exclaimed. “It doesn’t look like it.”

That is, of course, because I always have the girls hair done and in braids of one form or another. But yes, this is how much hair my dear daughters have… And I even cut it regularly!


Speaking of cutting hair, how often do you trim your children’s hair? Any special techniques?

I cut the girls’ hair about every two months, and usually chop of a couple of inches. My favourite technique is to use a chopstick. The chopstick chop, he he.

I wash and pick out their hair, so that is is the same “springiness” all over. Then I simply grab a small section, hold it up to a chopstick, and lop it off at the end of the chopstick. Works like a hot dang. At the end of the chopping, I pull it down at the back and kind of even it out at the very bottom. But that’s it, my super easy hair cutting technique. And anybody who sees their hair free can attest that the chopping (and that magic hair elixir) keeps it in lovely shape.

We’ll see how N does with Sugar’s hair this coming week… I’ll be sure to post the results.


In the meanwhile, I’ve left the girls’ hair in braided pigtails and ponytails for Daddy for the weekend. I told him: “all you have to do is comb down the fuzzies with a wet comb and stick a barrette on them if their hair gets wild.” We’ll see what we find when I get home!

I’m flying off to visit my BF in Prince George… A long overdue visit.

Say hello!

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