Wine Wednesday: Vascosassetti Brunello di Montalcino


For our second wine Wednesday I chose a selection from the enigmatic wine country: Italy. When I was taking my last level of WSET training, I was hoping and hoping Italy wouldn’t be a major part of the exam. Which of course, it was. Worth a quarter of the written section, the drattedly complicated boot-like country.

This corner of Italy wasn’t on the exam, but it was a stand out in the last couple of Italian wine tasting I have done.

This dark purple wine had an initial nose of tobacco, black currants, ligonberry, hibiscus, liquorice, black tea, slate, hint of vanilla bean. After it warmed up, it was full on manure… Not barnyard, as is delicately said, but manure. Then it settled down again, with more tobacco and black fruits.

To taste, it had the high acid that goes so well with food, and a medium light body. There was some unbalanced heat on the palate despite only 14,5% alcohol. It tasted of fresh raspberries with black fruits in the background, framed with black tea, cranberry, coffee and slate.

So where does this blackish tea wine come from? Any guesses on the grape?

Well, its that same old Sangiovese grape from your old basket/bottle of Chianti. It’s just better in Brunello! And there are no other varietals mixed in. It’s just some of the best pure Sangiovese in the word.


I’ve had the pleasure of going to Tuscany a couple of times, but honestly, I was more interested in the $3 bottles at that time. This wine is of the premium variety, with grapes grown on sunny slopes cooled by maritime breezes. It comes from a little town, Montalcino, that isn’t special except for the wine it produces.

We had this with gorgeous little lamb chops one night for supper. Hmmmm… Lamp chops with mint sauce. Just the right amount of gaminess and herbaceous character. It even made Jason love the lamb! It looks pale in this shot, but that’s just the flash.

Buen apetito!


Wine Wednesdays… Ok – I admit upfront that I love wine. I always got lots of comments and questions (on the old blog, I mean,) about the wines that we serve with dinner parties, etc. I also I have been expanding my own wine knowledge, and recently completed my Advanced level of the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) courses.

So what better way (other than in person, over a glass of wine) to share my love of with you, than to have a series dedicated to favourite wines? Cheers!

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