Butting heads: spring break twins


The girls basically spend 24 seven with each other. During the school year, they are in the same class, and of course they live together too. We tried to give them a break of one hour each week while they do their own separate activity. But really, they are with each other all the time.

However during spring break, they are with each other with no interference. So the girls have been butting heads quite a bit. Spice is still on antibiotics, and I think the medicine makes her very sensitive and cranky. So we have had a few screaming fests around here over the last week.

I have been trying to arrange times for them to be separate, including separating them between my mom and I. Mom was here for a few days and I took one of the girls to run errands with me a couple of times. It’s also good to mix them up with other kids. So we have had many play dates and visits with our friends.

Actually, it reminds me of before they went to school and we had all the time in the world to get together with friends. There is a part of me that misses those days! If there was ever an argument for us to homeschool, (which is never going to happen) it would be that we would get to see our friends and set our own schedule. Such a luxury…

Well, I hear laughing upstairs, so I should go catch them getting along. Happy spring break!


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