Favourite things: Anita’s Organic Mill Flour


Hmmm… Who doesn’t love pancakes? I’ve tried many many pancakes mixes, and have even been know to make pancakes from scratch. But this is my favourite pancake mix of all that I have tried!

It’s smooth flour, but with a lot of hearty taste. We tried the wheat and the ancient grains varieties side by side at our family get together in Nelson, and the wheat-free ancient grains variety won the taste test. It’s just awesome! It’s made from spelt and kamut grains.

Anita’s Organic Mill is based in Chilliwak, BC. So it’s sort of a local, or at least regional product for us. Honestly, I buy my flours from two mills even closer to us in Grinrod, but this pancake mix is THE bomb of pancake mixes, so I stick to it! That said, Anita’s does make all sorts of flour products, sources from Western Canadian farmers with 100% organic crops. You can find the products in Choices and other specialty grocers. You can also stop by, if you are in the neck of the woods.. A field trip I have planned for some point!

Enjoy your pancakes… Especially covered in 100% pure, grade A Canadian maple syrup!

Everybody has favourite things! My favourites are high quality, more environmentally-friendly, tasty, functional products and services. Through this little series of posts, I hope to promote a slower and more sustainable lifestyle… One small choice at a time!

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