Wine Wednesday: Domaine Lafond Tavel Rosé


This is my first Wine Wednesday!

Ok – I admit upfront that I love wine. I always got lots of comments and questions (on the old blog, I mean,) about the wines that we serve with dinner parties, etc. I also I have been expanding my own wine knowledge, and recently completed my Advanced level of the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) courses.

So what better way (other than in person, over a glass of wine) to share my love of with you, than to have a series dedicated to favourite wines?

Introducing Wine Wednesday! A random collection of wine recommendations. Let’s start with…


Now, there is a lot of snobbery around rosés, mainly because there are so many pitifully over-sweet bad ones. But does white wine get a bad rap on behalf of all whites? Do people think all reds are raw and raspy after they have a poor one? No! Only rosé gets this colour-ism!

So let me introduce you to Tavel – an amazing region in France that ONLY produces rosé. In other words, they take their rosés seriously! Tavel is in the Southern Rhône Valley, near to the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It’s hot, hot, and hot! The climate is mediterranean, and the earth is covered in most places by these big grey rocks, that give a minerality to the wine.

This is our favourite Tavel available in our city – Domaine Lafond’s Roc-Epiné. This 2011 is fresh, acidic, fragrant and has a definite minerality. It smells like strawberries, complete with leaves, a little red licorice, some allspice and anise, along with a graphite undertone, that really comes out in the finish when you taste it. It’s food wine! So don’t expect a fruity-pituity imposter.. this is a dry, medium alcohol 13.5% wine, and you will feel the warmth.

Enjoy! We’re having leek parmesan fritta tonight. I do love a dry rosé with eggs!

I would love to hear if you try it… if you like it, what you serve it with… and also, any other rosé recommendations!


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