Geocaching and four wet feet

Today we took a couple of hours and spend some family time geocaching. We went to two different caches in South Kelowna. Boy oh boy are there a lot of different geocaching sites to be found just a short drive from our house!

The first site was right beside a main road and on the edge of the creek. Well, the Creek proved irresistible and sure enough, Spice got one of her feet really wet. Gumboots only go so far.

After a short ice cream break, we took our travel bug to the second geocache location. This once again was on the side of the creek! We thought we were just going into the woods but sure enough, a creek snuck up on us again. Well, Sugar could not resist jumping around off rocks and running across logs and managed to get both of her feet soaking wet. The only problem with this is that for some reason, the children don’t want to walk back to the car after their future something. But still, we had a nice time and enjoy the sunshine of the spring-like Okanagan. And my feet stayed dry.








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