Cocooning day


It’s a lazy day at the Rowan house, by decree, though, not by choice. Sugar got a horrible virus on Friday and threw up for the first time since she came to Canada. Jason’s throwing up today (Sunday) and Spice and I have sore tummies. So it’s a cocooning day.

I’m frantically trying to catch up on everything in my life that isn’t our health. It’s crazy when you have health problems that they just overshadow everything else. Spice’s face is slowly recovering, btw. Thank goodness. She is still sleeping with her eye taped shut and needs drops every few hours, but at least she can close her eye now, and her smile is getting back to normal.

Sitting here watching the girls colour and interact with Laughlin, I’m struck how far we have come in almost four years… Our nasty biting dog now pines for the girls. We have all these family traditions, such as colouring and drawing together after breakfast each day. The weekend speakerphone calls to family to catch up on the week we just had. Our family just is our family. You have to sit back sometimes and just enjoy the simple interactions of life, and be aware and appreciative of your kids as they grow. And even be thankful for a virus, which has slowed us down enough today to really just concentrate on each other.


2 thoughts on “Cocooning day

  1. I just absolutely love your last paragraph (minus the fact that you guys all have a virus! Ick!). It totally hits home to what we hope to have in our own lives once we are matched with our future child(ren) and subsequently bring them home.

    Huge hugs to Spice. Glad to hear her face is getting back to normal. Scary stuff, nonetheless!!!

    I’d love to hear you write about attachment parenting (either in specifics, if you feel comfortable, or in generalities and areas that worked for you) that might be able to help prospective adoptive parents. We have read lots of books, including some by Karyn Purvis (she’s great!), but would love to hear first-hand from a family who has come so far!!

  2. Hiya – I will be happy to write about attachment parenting some other day… I’ll put it on the blog to-do list!

    I think the concepts of attachment really are key to healthy development and maintenance of adoption family relationships… Karen Purvis wasn’t published at the time, but Gordon Neufeld’s Hold on to Your Kids, and Deborah Gray’s Attachment in Adoption were key learnings for us!

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