Easter Egg Garland Craft


Right off the bat, I have to tell you that I saw this idea somewhere last week… But I can’t remember where! I had forgotten it until I was at the paint shop on Friday and saw the paint swatches.

Al we did was cut eggs from the paint swatches, punch some holes in the top and thread some string through. We also secured each egg to the string with a bit of tape on the back. Voila! Easter craft!


It was just at the right level for our girls to do without much supervision. I made my garland alongside them, and we all produced unique and springy results.


Happy Easter to everyone! Merry springtime!

New Ethiopian Stylist in Kelowna!

Sorry… she’s not doing hair any more !

Our friend Nebiyat Kifle has just started doing braiding professionally, so we asked her over to do Sugar’s braids today. Gorgeous!


Nebiyat lives in Kelowna and is a lovely young lady. She moved to Canada from Ethiopia less than two years ago, and has been studying ESL. Soon, she’ll be entering into a nursing program… Is amazing to see how well she is doing in a new culture and a new language.

She’s a real sweetheart and the girls think she is just awesome. She was so gentle with Sugar, and worked around her as Sugar watched a couple of movies during the braiding. She also really listened to what I wanted, and gave me a style that could go into pigtails or a pony tail, and complemented Sugar’s face shape. She does both traditional Ethiopian braiding, which is my favourite, as well as more modern styles.

If you live in the area and would like some braiding done for yourself of your child, please give her a shout. Nebiyat (neb-ee-aht) is charging reasonable rates, and does a lovely job! She’ll come to you so your child is comfortable and relaxed in her own environment.

Give her a call! Nebiyat Kifle-



Favourite Things: Integrative Pharmacy


I don’t usually put in a plug for a new business, but I just had to tell you about my new pharmacy!

This new pharmacy opened up in our neighborhood… It is on West Avenue in South Pandosy, Kelowna. What caught my eye where all the herbal and alternative remedies in the windows. When I went in, it reminded me so much of a German pharmacy. If you aren’t familiar, pharmacies in Germany are about two thirds “alternative” remedies, and one third prescription drugs. Well, Esther the pharmacist is a regular pharmacist, but she also has carefully selected, high-quality supplements, vitamins and other alternative treatments. But that’s not the cool part.

The cool part is that she has decided to walk in both worlds… Alternative medicine and traditional medicine… And bring them together. I booked an appointment with her for a consult [free!] She sat down and walked through all the medications that I take, which are many, and talked about complementary therapies to deal with side effects from the drugs. She also did a lot of research after our first appointment to find exactly the right balance of EPA – DHA omega three fish oils, and the amounts i should or should not take of other minerals and vitamins. Then I came back and she walked me through not only what I was taking and what I should be doing to protect my liver etc. but also recommended some supplements to deal with various symptoms.

A few days ago I started taking the hops and rosemary she recommended, for example, and my face has not felt this good in a couple of weeks. She also compiles all the prescriptions, vitamins etc. that I am taking and makes sure that all my specialists and family doctor know exactly what the big picture is.

So I am very impressed… And highly highly recommend this pharmacy! Esther is just starting out with her new business, but I can guarantee she will give you an amazing medical support and service.

Prescription Health Studio

West Avenue, South Pandosy, Kelowna

Rest and relaxation up north


Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip up to Prince George to visit my best friend, S. We haven’t seen each other since last year, and I really needed to get away. I’ve been really under the weather, and taking care of the kids for two weeks during spring break. So some quiet time was in order.

We had a very simple weekend… S had to work on Saturday, but we went shopping and sat around and talked. I slept 12 hours one night! Which is indicative of the entire weekend.We also went out to eat a couple of times including to a tapis bar that was very good.

Her little twins Mac and Cheese actually spent the night at their grandparents house. So it was even quiet without twin three-year-olds around.

It is very sweet to see Mac & Cheese at this age. It reminds me of course, of when we picked up the girls. They were just at the same age. Just shy of three years old and talking up a storm. Of course her girls are much more physically active than ours were at exactly this age. Well, maybe that’s not exactly correct. Her girls’ gross motor coordination is much more advanced than my girls’ was at that stage in their lives. But my girls have always been a lot busier than hers are!

We also went out to esses parents house for supper one night. It was lovely to see them. When we were going up, S probably ate half of her meals at our post and I ate other half at L and L’s. In fact, it was her mother who got me first interested in wine and got me to start keeping a wine journal. That seems like eons ago, because it was!

I also got to spend quite a bit of time talking to T, my best friend’s husband. Heck, we have known each other 20 years and I still enjoy talking to him. He was painting the kitchen for the weekend and I even helped out a little bit. More of a token then a real effort! But I enjoyed it nonetheless the same.

I returned home rested and relaxed. The girls are also going back to school this week, so I should finally start getting some of that rejuvenating rest that I’m supposed be getting. Enjoy the pictures from my time up north!











Chopstick Hair Chop


I had a friend over for tea this week… A young Ethiopian lady who wants to start a hair braiding business. She was enthused when Sugar offered for her to do her hair next week.. Until I showed her pictures of Spice with free hair.

“She has that much hair?” she exclaimed. “It doesn’t look like it.”

That is, of course, because I always have the girls hair done and in braids of one form or another. But yes, this is how much hair my dear daughters have… And I even cut it regularly!


Speaking of cutting hair, how often do you trim your children’s hair? Any special techniques?

I cut the girls’ hair about every two months, and usually chop of a couple of inches. My favourite technique is to use a chopstick. The chopstick chop, he he.

I wash and pick out their hair, so that is is the same “springiness” all over. Then I simply grab a small section, hold it up to a chopstick, and lop it off at the end of the chopstick. Works like a hot dang. At the end of the chopping, I pull it down at the back and kind of even it out at the very bottom. But that’s it, my super easy hair cutting technique. And anybody who sees their hair free can attest that the chopping (and that magic hair elixir) keeps it in lovely shape.

We’ll see how N does with Sugar’s hair this coming week… I’ll be sure to post the results.


In the meanwhile, I’ve left the girls’ hair in braided pigtails and ponytails for Daddy for the weekend. I told him: “all you have to do is comb down the fuzzies with a wet comb and stick a barrette on them if their hair gets wild.” We’ll see what we find when I get home!

I’m flying off to visit my BF in Prince George… A long overdue visit.