Lyme disease and Bell’s palsy: yeah.


From last night: 7.5 hours in the emerg room and counting… And the paediatricians’ best guess is that Spice’s Bell’s palsy is caused by lyme disease from a tick in Costa Rica.

We were just goofing around today at lunch, making faces… And Spice’s faces are pretty darn funny. Jason made some joke about… “Crazy ! She looks like she has Bell’s palsy!” Ug. A couple of minutes later, I caught her eye and realized her face was all droopy on one side. She was smiling lopsidedly and couldn’t figure out why mommy was freaking out.

So we went to the hospital, and I’m writing this post from there. After hearing about all the weird symptoms she’s had in the last week, the paediatrician decided to do some more research. She thinks Spice (and possibly I too,) have Lyme disease, potentially picked up in Costa Rica or elsewhere? I had some specialist appointments next week anyway, and now I have another to add to the list. Sure would explain the sore neck and shoulders, fatigue, facial freezing and sore knees, though. But we’ll see on that. Whereas Spice is a healthy little dude, I’m a bit of a train wreck, and nothing is usually so straight forward.

Anyway, she should be ok. Should be. Almost always bells palsy goes away. It’s just frightening, any chance that it won’t. She feels fine, although a little kinked up from watching movies on the ipad for 7 hours. :-S (note, today she is super hyper from the prednisone. )

Normally, Bell’s palsy goes away in a few weeks, and they’re hitting her with some steroids to help it along. If it is Lyme disease, then antibiotics for that too, That’s what I am hopefully hanging my hat on, anyway. We’ll find out at the next appointment on Tuesday.

My poor baby. I wish non of this stuff had happened to her. Being in a hospital sucks.

11 thoughts on “Lyme disease and Bell’s palsy: yeah.

  1. Catching lyme disease early is so critical. The Bell’s palsy may actually have been a huge blessing because if you hadn’t caught the Lyme disease early, it can be a terrible lifelong thing (my sister-in-law has it). Hope you get answers and the treatment is effective.

    P.S. You can test negative for lyme and still have it. I would opt for treatment regardless.

  2. My Grandma had bel palsy and it went away in a few days. Hope S’s does the same thing and that you guys don’t have Lyme’s disease. Lots of prayers for a healthy Rowan household!

  3. Oh my gosh! I am a hospital worker and I hear of cases of lime disease from time to time. I never think to check my kids (or myself) for ticks.

    i hope that the bells palsy is transient and leaves no lasting effects.

  4. OH MY GOSH. I’m so sorry to hear this. How incredibly scary. And totally not something you expect to have happen. Huge hugs, and I hope she (and you!) pull through ok.

  5. Thanks so much, everybody. I am totally worried about her, and am feeling quite the momma bear about Lyme disease right now. Both are scary.. But the Lyme disease is much more dangerous.

  6. Praying you get answers and fast. Hope your little one is not in distress. We have had a few medical scares as well and I know how stressful it is. Praying for your family!

  7. Sorry to hear about all of this….hadn’t checked your blog for a while. Please get some treatment for yourself as well; your kids also need a healthy Mom and you don’t need the lime’s disease to progress without proper treatment. Sending our best wishes hugs and love from turin Italy

  8. Get yourself checked out too …you also need to make sure Lyme’s doesn’t progress. Hope Spice gets better soon. Sending our love and hugs from Italy.

  9. oh – how scary. i’m sorry you are going through so many things these days. i live in ontario and barely know you – but if there is any practical (or impractical actually) way i or my family can help you folks out – let us know. waiting and illness and disappointment are all real spirit drainers….

  10. If it’s Lyme disease you cannot take steroids, it suppresses your immune system allowing the virus to spread throughout the entire body. I have chronic Lyme and you need a longer than 3 week dose of antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Make sure to see an LLMD (Lyme Literate doctor) right away. They are they only qualified doctors to treat it. If you treat it early she will not have any problems, if it’s left untreated then it can come back anytime even years later.

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