Why girls need Guides


There are many reasons why I send the girls to Sparks. An obvious benefit is there are 4 girls of color in their 12 girl group. Pretty good odds for Kelowna!

But as someone involved in Guides myself for many many years, I see the other benefits of a girl sorority with a societal purpose. Guides teach girls to be active and responsible for doing their own projects and making their own fun. They do community service, which I think is a crucial behavior to be learned at a young age. And perhaps best if all, Guides teach girls to go outside to have fun.

Next year the girls will be in Brownies, and they really want to find a group that does a lot if camping. Forget the crafts- my girls want to camp!

Another nice feeling is that the girls are carrying our family history with guides and scouts forward another generation. You see, my great grandmother was in the first guide group EVER in England. She was a scout leader, and so was my gramma. The dad was in scouts and was a leader, and mom was a guide leader for years, too. Then all of us went to guides or scouts for some amount of time, too.

Oddly enough, my first contact with a black person was when a newly immigrated African girl joined our Guide group in the backwater of Fort St John. And the travel… I was 12 when I went to Toronto for the first time with Guides.

I hope my girls get as many gifts from Guides as I did.

And thanks, mom!


One thought on “Why girls need Guides

  1. You’re welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed my GG experiences – from leading to camping to singing and all the positives in between. Particularly, I enjoyed teaching the girls to enjoy nature. We camped under plastic, cooked over campfires, created many useful items and furniture, and explored the world around us. I’ll never forget the girl who said that her most interesting discovery at camp was that frogs “weren’t green” (like Kermit)!

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