My injera is PERFECT! The wonder-pan

Finally, after five years, I have perfected injera!
Thanks to innumerable lessons from my friend M and countless times practicing, I had managed to get to the point of good tasting, nicely floppy injera.

But the darn stuff evaded me. I couldn’t get the eyes… the holes… for the life of me. M kept saying that my pan wasn’t hot enough, but as much as I cranked my big round injera pan, I couldn’t get it hotter.

Well, I was in a rush when I made injera for the girls’ school day this week, and decided to try my new pan. It worked! It got so much hotter than my injera pan, and all the eyes were there. It was perfect injera!


It’s a Green Gourmet pan from Cuisinart … And it’s lined with ceramic instead of nasty-emitting Teflon. And it worked AWESOMELY for making injera! I totally recommend it.


4 thoughts on “My injera is PERFECT! The wonder-pan

  1. OooOH! It looks fantastic!

    My hubby and I are in the market for new pots and pans once we’re all move into our new house.. I will definitely be checking out these pans! Thank you for the recommendation!!!

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