Happy Family Weekend!

Last weekend we invited to our friends’ house in Nakusp for a family day sleepover. We know D&D from Harambe and Mehaber Camps… They have a lovely 13 year old daughter that does a great job taking care of the kids. We spent time for the first time with a family from Nelson, and our old friends T&R from the same locale. T&R have twins girls from Ethiopia, just a few years older than our girls. S it’s always interesting to see what they are up to, and is happening in their lives as 10 year old twin adoptees from Ethiopia. It’s really a bit of a flash forward… Kind of neat. I know for T&R, hanging out with our girls is a flash down memory lane, too.

I had to laugh though… Our girls are pretty high energy, but the older twins were even more energetic at this age. But they don’t know that! And our girls tired the older girls plum out.

We had a lovely time… I truly relaxed and enjoyed myself immensely. We went sledding with the cat, so we got these wonderful long stretches of sledding. Spice, who can control her sled well, really enjoyed herself, but Sugar, who has less control, was a bit shaken after a couple of slick runs.

The girls played dancing games and read stories… We went for walks and just talked a lot. T&R stayed over with their twins as well, so I think we all got to know each other better. Definitely a family day tradition to continue!


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