Ethiopia Day at school

Today was Ethiopia Day at school. We were going to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas, but Spice was sick on the day we had set aside. So instead, we had plain ole Ethiopian day in the girls’ grade 1 class.
We did lots of activities, and actually spent the whole day on Ethiopian activities. We started by doing writing… The kids were fascinated to try their hand at writing Amharic.
We read Ethiopia ABCs, which the kids just loved…
The kids danced to Ethiopian traditional music, and ate shiro and injera during lunch break.
Fortunately, we had enough dresses for all the girls in the class, and they all had a lovely time dancing around in the traditional dresses.
At the end of the day, the girls did show and tell and shared all sorts of cool traditional items with the other kids, like a horsetail flyswatter, fabric and rope toys, a traditional gourd lunchbox, and all sorts of goodies.
It was so nice to see the girls so enthusiastic… They were just delighted that Mommy and Daddy were spending the day in class, and that we got to share all about Ethiopia. It was kind of neat, too, because the girls had done something similar in kindergarten, many of the kids were familiar and especially open. Surprisingly, more than half the kids ate the shiro and injera… I had to make 2 batches of shiro!

It feels good that the girls are so proud of their heritage, and that the kids are so interested too. Thanks to the teacher who let us take over for the day! And to the kids who were all well behaved and really engaged!

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