Lesotho Adoption – where are we at?


Well, the short answer is that we are in the same place as September, 2011. Waiting to adopt a little boy, 2-4 years old, from Lesotho.

But for those of you that want some more detail…

First, the good news… the next matching meeting in Lesotho is on February 15th 20th.Yup – that’s less than 2 weeks away. The government is apparently striving for having more regular matching meetings again, which is a great thing.

Another good thing (sort of,) is that our business opening has also stalled so much, that probably Jason will be able to go with me to Lesotho after all. That’s a silver lining, for sure (More on the business stuff at some other point.)

But why haven’t we been matched and it’s been a year and half already? Wasn’t this supposed to be the quick and risky program?

Well, yes. Little did we know that the risk would be the program becoming the longer, stable program! When we started with Lesotho, they were having regular matching meetings and most families were referred within a few weeks of their dossiers arriving in the country for the scheduled meeting. A few things have happened since.

First, there were shuffles in staff, expectations and policies. Many of these new policies were designed to protect kids, but they were really hard to implement, considering Lesotho is such a small country and the orphanages, except one, are very basic.

The new policies were also in preparation for Lesotho to become a Hague Convention-compliant adoption program, although we didn’t know it at the time. It’s pretty impressive, actually, but Lesotho has managed to become Hague-compliant, and not shut down the adoption process. It did slow down to a trickle, but it didn’t shut, and I personally don’t know any other African country that has managed that. On December 1, 2012, Lesotho became Hague compliant. Our dossier was submitted before then, so we understand the dossier will be grandfathered. Of course, Canada and our agency are Hague-compliant as well, but our dossier was not built in that context.

Oh and the last stall was the federal election. In the past, they have had some pretty rowdy elections, but this one seemed to pass peacefully, even with a change in government. But as with any political change, there were people shuffles and it took a while to get everything settled out.

So there we are… 1 1/2 years later. Again, I’m glad that Lesotho has taken the steps to become Hague-compliant, but it has been hard to wait. Heck, this adoption has taken longer than the last one! The girls often ask if they “really are actually going to get a brother.” We reply: “We hope so!”

Cross your fingers and toes for us that we will be matched on February 15th!

25 thoughts on “Lesotho Adoption – where are we at?

  1. Thanks for sharing all of your info. I’ve been following your blog for a little while and frankly at times it fills me with dread. We’re with the same agency and have been in the ‘short list’ for our dossier to go to Lesotho for the last year and a bit. We were in the camp of dossiers that were put on hold until later this year.
    I too had understood that the process would be faster and the more I read about your delays, the more concern I felt. I certainly appreciate now that the dossier making it there will not necessarily mean anything for our timeline.
    Despite the frustrating days, I have great faith that this will work out in just the way it was supposed to. And I wanted to let you know how encouraging it is to have your blog to go check in at to feel as though I’m part of a community that understands and can benefit from those that come before me. So thank you!
    I will be rooting for you and praying that February 15 is a great day for your family. All the best!

  2. I know how hard it is to wait (believe me I know!!!) but this is such a great thing for the people of Lesotho, and when you meet your little boy the waiting time will be absolutely perfect!!!!! fingers crossed for SURE!!!!!

    • I agree about the great thing for the people of Lesotho. I have to say I’m very impressed with what a country of only 2 million people has done!

  3. Fingers crossed for a great matching meeting!! (This is a little personal, and maybe you’ve already answered it, but was there a reason you didn’t pursue another adoption from Ethiopia? I’m just curious what your thought process was in choosing another african country 🙂 ).

    And that Hague accreditation without closing is INCREDIBLE! Way to go Lesotho!!

    • Hiya!
      I did mention it in our previous, defunct blog.
      Simply, we were not willing to wait 3-5 years. And those were the timelines at the time, since only one agency in Canada even has a waitlist. So we decided to put our oar in with the best other African country option at the time.
      Now, there are more possibilities to adopt from Ethiopia, BUT, the wait is stilll very long, and internal politics at the regional and federal level are making adoption more and more difficult in Ethiopia. So, for Canadians, it’s not a program I recommend, unless people are cool with waiting for a long time and it may or not may off.
      OF course, having kids form the same country, when we already have a social network including Ethiopians, can cook the food, I run a charity there, etc…. well that would have been easier. But I guess our family is destined to have roots at 2 opposite ends of the continent! lol

      • Oh interesting…totally makes sense! I had no idea things had become so tricky in Canada with Ethiopia. Congo is becoming quite popular here in the US now. It’ll be interesting to see where things go with that country.

      • Yes – We were in the CRC (Congo) program before switching to Lesotho, but it is moving at the pace of a snail here in Canada. The one agency was using a US facilitator, and has since witched facilitating agencies. Hopefully, this program will pull through, as there is a such a huge need in that country!

  4. Greetings! I wanted to echo what Meghan said earlier. We are also waiting for this upcoming matching meeting, holding our breath, crossing our digits, and praying for some good news! I really appreciate your update about the current state of things in Lesotho and I find your blog not only informative but also a place to come and find some encouragement. A good reminder to have faith in the process and keep enjoying each moment with our kids at home. Thank you for writing and I will be rooting for you on the 20th 🙂

  5. Hi! I am hoping to contact someone about the process of adopting from Lesotho. My husband and I are interested in starting and the internet seems to lack information on the process and requirements. We are waiting until SWA gets their program up and running, but I’m trying to do some research in the meantime!

    • Hi Allison..!

      Thanks for your comment. There are only 4 agencies, worldwide that work with Lesotho. If you are in Canada, that agency is Sunrise. If you are in the US, there is another agency. The best bet is to call that agency and ask about the program, as I actually don’t know the requirements etc. just that we met them! Lol

      The program is so small, that’s why it isn’t on the Internet. But the agency will have all your answers. 🙂 hope that is helpful!

  6. Hi, do you have an update on your adoption? I am still trying to adopt from Ethiopia after 5.5 years and am about ready to pack it in. Wondering about Lesotho.Thanks!

    • Hi Marie… Just check at the top of our blog 🙂
      We jumped out of Lesotho for a new special needs program in Ethiopia. But then we started adopting through US fostercare, and it looks like it may actually pan out.. Who’d have thunk it?

  7. Hi im 36 yers old my name is Amelia from Lesotho I’m married to Chinese man. I and my husband seriou would like to adopt we are not taking chances. Can you please tell me what to do or where to go here in Lesotho?

    • Hi Amelia! Domestic adoption within a country is totally different than adopting from one country to another… I would start at your local ministry for women or children. 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

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