Thanks from the pirate

When Spice realized that so many of our friends and family were caring for her and routing for her, (I read her fb/emails,) she wanted to send you a message to say thank you.

She says she is feeling fine, just kinda hyper and her eye hurts. She says the medicines are really nasty and taste horrible. And she thinks her face will be working again soon.

Bell’s palsy joys: So today I have been navigating the difficulty of a kid whose eye won’t close. She either has to have eye drops constantly, because she isn’t blinking, or have a gel in her eye. But the gel means she can’t see properly, and so she needs it taped shut. I made her an eye patch to go overtop of her taped shut gelled eye. But then she needs pills every couple of hours. I also had to sit in her classroom this morning, because she was so worried what her classmates would say about the eye patch. They were curious and fine, of course. but she was still really nervous. We took it off for lunch, and I came back after lunch and put it on again. I can do this for a day or tow, but what after that? Plus, the gel doesn’t last all day. So it has to be untapped, regeled and retaped. Her poor skin around her eye is already sore. Ug. Poor little one. I haven’t figured out how to do this yet.

We go see the paediatrician tomorrow morning about the Lyme disease. That is of course, the scarier stuff. I haven’t even bothered making an appointment for myself yet.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time not breaking into tears every time I talk about it, because I’m so worried about her… I know mostly Bell’s palsy goes away, but I really don’t want her beautiful face changed. It would be horrible to live with something that people would judge you by for the rest of your life. I mean, being a black transracial twin adoptee is enough attention.

My goodness, it’s been a week. Huge changes at Vulnerable Children (although that’s been in the making for a long time,) massive decisions to make about our adoption, massive decisions about our business … Huge health changes and challenges for me.

But all I can honestly really think about is my little Toters. (My nickname for Spice.)

Lyme disease and Bell’s palsy: yeah.


From last night: 7.5 hours in the emerg room and counting… And the paediatricians’ best guess is that Spice’s Bell’s palsy is caused by lyme disease from a tick in Costa Rica.

We were just goofing around today at lunch, making faces… And Spice’s faces are pretty darn funny. Jason made some joke about… “Crazy ! She looks like she has Bell’s palsy!” Ug. A couple of minutes later, I caught her eye and realized her face was all droopy on one side. She was smiling lopsidedly and couldn’t figure out why mommy was freaking out.

So we went to the hospital, and I’m writing this post from there. After hearing about all the weird symptoms she’s had in the last week, the paediatrician decided to do some more research. She thinks Spice (and possibly I too,) have Lyme disease, potentially picked up in Costa Rica or elsewhere? I had some specialist appointments next week anyway, and now I have another to add to the list. Sure would explain the sore neck and shoulders, fatigue, facial freezing and sore knees, though. But we’ll see on that. Whereas Spice is a healthy little dude, I’m a bit of a train wreck, and nothing is usually so straight forward.

Anyway, she should be ok. Should be. Almost always bells palsy goes away. It’s just frightening, any chance that it won’t. She feels fine, although a little kinked up from watching movies on the ipad for 7 hours. :-S (note, today she is super hyper from the prednisone. )

Normally, Bell’s palsy goes away in a few weeks, and they’re hitting her with some steroids to help it along. If it is Lyme disease, then antibiotics for that too, That’s what I am hopefully hanging my hat on, anyway. We’ll find out at the next appointment on Tuesday.

My poor baby. I wish non of this stuff had happened to her. Being in a hospital sucks.

Why girls need Guides


There are many reasons why I send the girls to Sparks. An obvious benefit is there are 4 girls of color in their 12 girl group. Pretty good odds for Kelowna!

But as someone involved in Guides myself for many many years, I see the other benefits of a girl sorority with a societal purpose. Guides teach girls to be active and responsible for doing their own projects and making their own fun. They do community service, which I think is a crucial behavior to be learned at a young age. And perhaps best if all, Guides teach girls to go outside to have fun.

Next year the girls will be in Brownies, and they really want to find a group that does a lot if camping. Forget the crafts- my girls want to camp!

Another nice feeling is that the girls are carrying our family history with guides and scouts forward another generation. You see, my great grandmother was in the first guide group EVER in England. She was a scout leader, and so was my gramma. The dad was in scouts and was a leader, and mom was a guide leader for years, too. Then all of us went to guides or scouts for some amount of time, too.

Oddly enough, my first contact with a black person was when a newly immigrated African girl joined our Guide group in the backwater of Fort St John. And the travel… I was 12 when I went to Toronto for the first time with Guides.

I hope my girls get as many gifts from Guides as I did.

And thanks, mom!


No Match: the adoption wait continues


It’s so totally disappointing… apparently only families requesting children over 5 years of age (not us) were matched. The next meeting is in April.

We’re all pretty bummed.

I wouldn’t have got the kids hyped up, if I had thought this was going to happen… at least there is some positive learning for them. Spice said “if you waited and waited for us, you must have really wanted us.” True dat. Sugar, the emotions-avoider, just flailed about frantically on the bed as we had our family meeting on the duvet. “I’m a little sad. What’s for supper?” But then a minute later: “I’m sorry there were 7 court dates for us. That must have been really hard.” Also, true dat. But worth it.

So let’s hope this is all worth it in the end, too.

Jason was surfing the internet about everything Lesotho adoption today – he woke up this morning pretty excited. I on the other hand, didn’t sleep. The whole thing just makes me tired and depressed. Ug.

Off to our parent adoption support group to tell our woes tonight. At least we have a group of friends who understand!

Puppy Love: Naming RCMP dogs


Everybody knows that our girls love puppies… And today we needed a project to take our minds off the matching meeting.

So when we heard on the radio that the RCMP needed a new set of names for an upcoming litter of puppies, the girls got busy with a huge brainstorm. Here you can see their postcards ready to go out to the RCMP.

Please don’t copy their names, but you might want to have your kids sending postcards too!

Here is a link to the press release: