When does the sugar craving stop?


I visited a naturopathic doctor last week, and amongst other treatments, she suggested I go on a no yeast diet. That means, that for the month of February, I can’t have any sugar at all!

I’m on day three, and the sugar cravings are just getting worse! This is torture! I don’t think I have ever been three days without sugar in my life. Well, perhaps when I was first with the girls in Ethiopia. But I was too busy and sleepless to notice. Then I lost 15 pounds lugging around those two little girls and not eating sugar. Perhaps there will be a side benefit of this horrible craving!

But to back it up a little, some of you know that I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is not just sore joints. It also is extremely sore tendons, and getting really tired quite easily. Now, I have always been a super high-energy person, so I don’t look like a low-energy person now. My husband says that I am simply more of a normal person now. But I have way less energy than I used to.

Because it is an auto immune disease, I get sick very easily. But I have been getting sick so often over the last two years, that there really is something wrong besides rheumatism. Aside from the sinus infections, which were mainly caused because my dog broke my nose, I also have frequent ear infections and lung infections. I really can’t get cold without getting some kind of infection. And I certainly can’t fly without getting and infection. That’s why I got a tube put in my ear, so I can go to Ethiopia , etc.

So the natural pathic doctor suggested that we first try to treat the underlying infection. I have to take probiotics, and antiviral medication, and be on the no yeast diet. So that means no sugar, no dairy, no mushrooms, no yeast! Which also means I can’t eat bread or crackers. Yikes. For the while month???

I already eat too much dairy, so that’s not a big deal and I knew I was supposed to be changing that anyway. But no sugar is really tough. Stevia just doesn’t cut it!

For anybody who has gone sugar-free, how long do these cravings last? I don’t know how much longer I can take it!

5 thoughts on “When does the sugar craving stop?

  1. Sounds like you are detoxing… If you have too much yeast in your body, your body will really protest the lack of sugar. It was cause a die off of the yeast and make you feel icky. Hang in there it gets better (says the woman who is on day four of being gluten free…)

  2. Hi – I’ve gone sugar free (though I’m not currently being strict) and I would say you’re just about through them. It’s really tough at first but once you get through these first few days, you won’t miss it. For me, they last about 3 days. Hang in there!!! 🙂

  3. It’s protesting all right… I am having all these peaks and valleys (mostly valleys) that I used to fill with sugar a couple of times a day!
    It’s day four? now… and not better…

    • Thanks – I’ll need it! I’m going to Waterfront Wines tonight for Wine and Dine – and it will kill me not to have dessert!

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