Enbridge No More – Idle No More

Friends now that we are big supporters of the Idle No More movement. Not because we have friends and family members who have indigenous and Métis heritage, but because we think respecting treaty rights is just and the country’s most powerful tool against industrial environmental destruction.

Still not sure why we are going?

  1. Omnibus bills like the one passed late last year include all sorts of legislation with a budget bill. this means the MPs, even those with the best intentions, can’t vote against the legislation since it’s wrapped up with their party’s budget. So last budget bill, we saw massive changes to immigration laws, criminal law, and most importantly, a shredding of our environmental protection laws. The navigable waters legislation, the environmental review process – all chopped up, slid into a budget bill. It’s just not right.
  2. Not only is the Enbridge project an environmental disaster waiting to happen, and it extends the reach and catalyzing more oilsands development, but the project process has also ignored First NAtion treaty rights, and ignored the protests of vast numbers of British Columbians. It has to be stopped.
  3. Worse even than Enbridge is the Canada-China trade agreement that ight be ratified any day. If this agreement goes through, for 31 years we won’t be able to increase environmental protection rules or even stop a Chinese project if we want to, because we’ll have to pay massive fines to the People’s Republic of China. This agreement has massive, long-lasting implications for every sector in Canada, from agriculture to high tech (not just oil and gas) and curbs our rights to manage our own natural resources, putting the needs of the People’s Republic first. A 31 year deal to sign our rights away? It’s can’t happen.

I encourage you all to call your MPs, especially your Conservative MPs. We have a very nice man (Conservative MP) who listens to his constituents… and honestly, the Conservative MP base is the only power to stop the Canada China agreement.

As for Enbridge and Idle No More – show you opinions publicly! Let your voices be heard. Support our First Peoples to help the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Enbridge No More – Idle No More

  1. Oh, I just love this post. I have major goosebumps! I love what you stand for and I love that you are doing your part to educate your girls! Living in Alberta, it’s often hard to speak up against the majority (people who work in the oilfield.. people who “don’t care” about the environment).. but this is a great reminder!

    • Thanks, my friend. We have family that works in oil too. But at the end of the day, you have to stand up for what is right for all people… and teach your kids to do the same 🙂 That’s what I’m trying to do, anyway.

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