Letting Go….

I’ve been blogging for 6 years now… our blog chronicled moves, our family zoo, passing of loved ones, seeing our girls for the first time, traveling to Ethiopia and other locales, and most importantly – 3.5 years of life with our girls. Three weeks ago, the blog imploded and we lost it all.

It shouldn’t be a big deal; but it was. We lost a journal of our family, our friends, and our girls growing up. I tried everything I could for a few weeks to recover it. The memories, the pictures and the thoughts. But it wasn’t to be.

I wasn’t sure if I should still keep blogging. After all, it’s work. Taking pictures, writing, editing. But I enjoy it. So finally I asked my girls. “Sugar” and “Spice” were very sad that I couldn’t get that journal back… they liked knowing that there was a record. But they asked me to keep blogging anyway – to show Nona and the rest of their family what they are doing. And to start that journal anew.

So I’m letting go – of those 6 years. but I’m also looking forward to many more. After all… life is in the moment. Let’s share it.

16 thoughts on “Letting Go….

  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that! I didn’t know that blogs can implode. Have you considered getting your new blog printed every once in a while? This is something I intend to do once I have a child and want something physical for them to hold but, now that I think of it, I’d hate to loose the journal of my wait as well.

    • Funny, Melissa – I had thought about it several times but it was one of those rainy day projects that didn’t seem to happen…

      • Hello Arnica, My heart aches for you at the loss of your blog. When i was in university I lived in an older apt where storage was shared in the basement with neighbors. My neighbors failed to pay rent and moved out. The landlord instructed the new tenants to throw out all boxes left in storage. The only boxes left were mine. The new tenants were immigrants who barely spoke English. They threw out everything eventhough my name was plastered all over the boxes….gone forever were my diaries, drawings I had done in grade 3, awards, letters, photos…now extinct. I studied Buddhism and “non attachment” but it still hurt. I feel for you. DArn!~ There were so many great things on your blog. I learned so much from you. Hope you continue blogging and I’m sad that it could not be recovered.

      • REALLY? That would have been horrible… all those childhood memories.
        I guess, it’s a reminder for us to live more in the moment, and not live in the past. But it is really hard to let go of the mementos – the things we wanted to pass on to the kids….

  2. So sorry to hear you lost your blog 😦

    Try googling “wayback machine” and enter your blog address. I was able to pull up some of your posts through that site. It archives websites for a period of time so clicking around may give you some stories and posts that you can save. You won’t be able to get everything but some of it seems to still be there. Good luck and glad to see you are still blogging.

    • Another friend reocmmended that… I might do that on a rainy day. Unfortunately, all that cutting and pasting would be quite the endeavor (6 years… yikes!)

  3. Hi, via rss feeds you can still access your old posts…. Click on the orange icon in the address line above. Install rss feeds, subscribe to your site…..et voila….! Hope it works for you!

  4. oh my – how disappointing. well, i’m glad you have decided to continue blogging. i really enjoy these glimpses into your life – a life so similar to my own in some ways, but so different in others!

  5. Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry to hear that the history is gone.. but so happy to hear that you will continue to blog. I have learned SO so so so so much about adoption, attachment, wildlife, and Africa from your blog. You are a great writer, and I have been so happy for your family as I followed along with your blog through the years.

    I’ll never forget BAWLING my eyes out watching you guys look at your referral email for the girls all those years ago.

    I am looking forward to continuing to follow along and learn from you as my husband and I pursue our own adoption from the public system here in Alberta. Any topics relating to attachment or book recommendations will be most appreciated!

  6. I just ran across your blog, and I am absolutely devastated for you. I have also had it on my to-do list for the past six months to get a book printed. You just motivated me to do it. Glad you are powering forward – I’ll look forward to getting to know you from this point forward.

  7. I am sorry that you lost of your great blogs. I look forward to reading them and keeping up with my family out there.
    I know i am not the only one that looks forward to them so please keep them coming…

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