Arnica and Jason’s Fundraising Campaign: Literacy Library for the Love and Hope Centre

The one request we had directly from the folks in Ethiopia was for reading books for the Love and Hope Centre study groups. You see, 70 kids come to the centre in Addis Ababa each day, for a hot meal, showers, after school tutoring, counselling, medical care and a safe place to play. Education is the corn stone of the centre, and it’s the only way that these children will break out of the cycle of poverty.


Oddly enough, English is very important to learn, even if it isn’t an official indigenous language. English is essential for the kids to go on to post secondary, and it is extremely valuable in a number of professions. So the kids are tutored in English.

But… They need books.

And not just any books. The kids need levelled readers, in groups of 10. You see, they study in groups, so 10 of the same book is really helpful.


If you would like to help us fill up our adult-sized bags (as opposed to the kids… See below!) please consider making a donation to our Literacy Library campaign. We have a goal of $500. Jason and I will take the readers over in our bags (the next trip too, if we raise that much money!) so the kids at the Love and Hope Centre in Ethiopia can study. We have a special deal with Scholastic to buy the readers at 50% off, so your donation will go very far indeed!

Thanks for donationing!

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  2. Arnica Rowan
    Jan 18, 2014 @ 20:55:09

    As on 9pm on Saturday, Jan 18, I have $550 on the giving page, $100 promised from my mother in law, and $250 donated directed through VCS’S regular website. Is that truly $900???
    Wowsas… You guys are awesome!
    Thank you Laura, Kristi, Tracy, Sally, Tim, and Shawna!!!


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